10 of the Greenest Building on the Planet

We ran the numbers on the new Apple Campus 2 and discovered that it has some fierce competition in the sustainability department. Take a look at some of the greenest buildings ever constructed.

Apple Campus 2: greenest building on the planet?

greenest building on the planet 1

A rendering of Apple Campus 2, currently under construction in Cupertino, shows what CEO Tim Cook believes will be ‘the greenest building on the planet’. 

Photograph: Apple

greenest building on the planet 2

The Bullitt Center in Seattle, which claims to be ‘the greenest commercial building in the world’, has a rooftop solar array that produces more power than is used on site.
Photograph: Nic Lehoux/Bullitt

greenest building on the planet 3

NuOffice in Munich, Germany, which is being completed in phases, is touted as ‘the most efficient and most sustainable building in the world’.

Photograph: Hubert Haupt Immobilien Holding

greenest building on the planet 4

One Angel Square, The Co-operative Group’s new head office in Manchester, is billed as ‘the world’s most environmentally friendly building’.

Photograph: The Co-operative Group

greenest building on the planet 5

Designers of Powerhouse Kjørbo in Norway call it ‘the world’s most environmentally friendly office building’.

Photograph: Chris Aadland

greenest building on the planet 6

Currently under construction in China, Shanghai Tower is making its case as ‘the greenest super high-rise on earth’.

Photograph: Gensler

greenest building on the planet 7

Integrated with a large wind turbine, Sky Studios in West London is advertised as ‘the most sustainable broadcast studio’.

Photograph: Christian Richters

greenest building on the planet 8

More modest than other ‘greenest buildings on the planet’, The Crystal in London is referred to merely as ‘one of the world’s greenest buildings’.

Photograph: Siemens

greenest building on the planet 9

The PNC Financial Services Group sees its new headquarters in Pittsburgh – The Tower at PNC Plaza – as ‘the world’s greenest skyscraper’.

Photograph: The Tower at PNC Plaza

greenest building on the planet10

The YS Sun Green Building Research Center at National Cheng Kung University in Taiwan claims to be ‘the world’s greenest building’.

Photograph: NCKU Press Center

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