3 Types of Construction Management Plans

What is a construction management plan? Three answers are available to properly define a construction management plan (CMP) but it’s based on the individual who needs or wants to utilize it. Being a contractor, client or municipality, you might have to handle:

• An entire CMP, that is usually employed by clients to fashion out the entire project, the business objectives from the onset to the after-delivery assessment.

• A CMP that outlines the costs and timeframe of the tasks usually created by the contractor and provides extensive details on how to complete the project.

• A CMP that handles the influence of the project on its environment where a particular format will be followed for the content and layout of the plan as established by the municipality in question.

The objectives determine the beginning of the CMP

An excellent plan is usually developed by putting the completed project into consideration. This is majorly the ability to envision the completed project, structure, the surroundings and every procedure of development required to achieve it. The plan is then matched with the objectives to fix missing or repetitive sections. Construction processes are usually complicated. Making sure a plan is in line with the objective and simultaneously achieving the standard of the client is usually an iterative procedure of modifications and evaluation until everything perfectly

Business Plan

A more robust CMP is required depending on how large the project is. It outlines the details and the location of the project and the reason it is carried out (the anticipated advantages), the process required, who will be responsible, the timeframe. The categories in such CMP will be:

  • Business benefit
  • Project description
  • Project design
  • Feasibility/planning authorization
  • Construction procedure
  • Offer and contract procedure
  • Assessment after delivery
  • Construction manager/team of the client
  • Occupation and deficiency liability timeframe.

Even though CMP is usually developed for the client, there are several contributions that a contractor can still make. Since “Design-Build Operate” is recently gaining prominence, the contractor might participate from the onset to indicate the beneficial areas of the business to the client. The records of the contractor that is based on scheduling and costs can be included as references and addendums.

Project Management

For all the stages of the construction and the corresponding activities, a CMP can be developed by the contractor to outline the costs and schedule of the project. This comprises the independent timeframe for each construction task. Complete evaluation of the anticipated costs (as well as the profitability of the project) and the details concerning the tools and the materials that would be utilized.

Several construction software and tools are available to boost and automate the development of this particular CMP. Both the programs operating in the system of the contractor’s offices or the available online cloud services provide the streamlining of:

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design) for developing both 3D and 2D project designs
  • Construction task project managementConstruction accounting
  • Construction calculation for project expenses

This particular software can be employed by both contractors and clients depending on the complexity of the project for sharing files and data. Building Information Model (BIM) software can efficiently manage all the information for a more robust CMP.

Construction Site

Based on the magnitude and dynamics of the building construction such as excavation and demolition, the development of another CMP might be required by the local municipality for approval. The covered items are:

  • The operating periods
  • Site security and public safety.
  • Re-use of waste and materials.
  • Settings to reduce vibration and noise.
  • Traffic management
  • Appropriate handling of dust, air, sediments, and stormwater.

It is also required that this particular CMP is submitted for approval beforehand at a pre-specified period. The above software programs. The Project Management CMP can assist in handling the procedures (for instance, project management) and offer important details (for example, site plans for CAD construction.)

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