3 Storey Modern Home Built Using 31 Shipping Containers

You might not realize it, but this house in Graceville, Australia was built from 31 shipping containers. The large freights are typically used to send goods overseas, but in this case they form a unique and modern living space.

Todd Miller of the architecture firm ZeilgerBuild designed the three storey, 6,000 square-foot home whose backyard includes an outdoor saltwater pool. Both the interior and exterior are a nod to the industrial nature of the building’s materials.

The facade features a combination of corrugated steel walls and street art. Graffiti spans nearly the whole side of the house, like something you’d see on a container if it were docked at a port. Here, it’s a planned detail, and this aesthetic is carried into the decor of the home.

The family room displays graffiti work on a large canvas as it lives among a leather couch and antique sewing table. A long hallway spans the width of the building, and galvanized pipes sit opposite to the contemporary art that’s on the wall.

Miller does a great job of balancing the home’s cool-feeling industrial elements with warm and comforting woods. The white and gray steel is offset by a harmony of brown hues that are flooded with natural light. He employs different textures throughout the space that complement both the metal and wood, adding another level of visual complexity. Considering that shipping containers value function above all, it’s incredible to see their transformation into a luxury home.







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ZieglerBuild website
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