Aluminium Formwork for High Rise Buildings

Now a day’s¬†Aluminium formworks used to construction for High Rise Buildings. Probably the most versatile modern construction system, aluminium formwork system.¬†This produces a lightweight panel with an excellent stiffness to weight ratio, yielding minimal deflections under concrete loading. Once erected, these panels are subjected toa trial erection in order to eliminate any dimensional or on-site problems.


Aluminium formwork High Rise Buildings video

Aluminium formwork can be used reused more times with careful handling and good maintenance. One of the biggest advantageof aluminium formworks has its unsur- passed construction speed. Compared toconventional construction procedures, use of aluminium formworks reduces floorcompletion cycle from 15 days to 4 to 5 days, primarily because of light weightnature enables fast erection and dismantling and simple system of pin &wedge makes the assembly easier. Pouring concrete together for walls, beams andfloors and System ensures accuracy of dimensions without need for re-work anduncomplicated system requiring use of minimum skilled labour.

But, over and aboveits strong advantages of speed, economy, re-usages and no extra cost, AluminiumFormworks give your construction structure a very high quality finish. Highquality finish is possible due to uniformity of panels and precise joints, asit leaves no deflection, creating evenness, eventually adding style andstability.

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