Benefits of Good System of Roads

  • Roads areessential for the economic development of a country. For speedy transportationof commodities a good network of roads is essential.

  • Road mileagehas nowadays become a symbol of prosperity and advancement of a country.

  • Duringemergencies such as accidents, the injured person can be rushed immediately toa hospital through a good system of roads. In such cases only a sufferer canunderstand the value of good system of roads.

  • A goodnetwork of roads enables villagers to transport their commodities to the marketspeedily and easily.

  • A goodsystem of roads helps in the growth of trade and other economic activities allover the country.

  • During floodsand droughts, the basic commodities can be efficiently rushed from the otherparts of the country through a good system of roads.

  • A goodsystem of roads serves as a feeder line for other modes of transport and thushelps indirectly in their development.

  • For theefficient functioning of the country‚Äôs defence force, a good system  of roads plays a vital role.

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