Center for Promotion of Science – Belgrade, Serbia

The masterplan competition for the Center of Promotion of Science in Belgrade, Serbia has produced another design, this time by architecture firm SADAR+VUGA. The design proposal is an urban development that incorporates the existing architectural programs on the site, while providing extensions and innovative additions to the site.
The urban project includes the existing Faculty of Drama Arts with its proposed extension, provides four new Faculties, a mathematics gymnasium, a science center with 50m tower, as well as the new building of the Centre of Promotion of Science. The buildings are arranged as eight islands on the site, among which five plazas are developed.
CFPS is designed in the form of a ring that sets into and lifts above the landscape giving its visitors an invitation to enter the public center for performance and science. The building is one storey with four legs touching the ground, connected with four arches. The center of the building is a large outdoor atrium from which the four main entrances lead to the main exhibition floor via escalators. The atrium is a lush, tree-filled landscape with three pairs of escalators that function as the main circulation for the building.

This nature hub is positioned conceptually at the center of the exploratory measures of science that surround it within the building. The natural environment is the starting point for the investigation into advancements in science and all that is exhibited within CFPS.

Through the exhibition level, the visitor can continue up to the science garden which is located on the roof. Here, visitors can participate in experiements, urban farming and play on the playground. From here, the Big Lawn in which the building is situated can be seen, as well as the entire science campus.

The perimeter facade of the CFPS is a continuous belt of converging and diverging transparent and opaque glazing set behind white aluminum clad stripes that embrace the entire building. Solar tubes are mounted on the southern and southwester side of the building. The perimeter wall of the atrium is entirely glazed, offering a view to and from the exhibition floor. The main exhibition floor is entirely paved in wood. Its gridded ceiling has artificial lighting embedded in the grid. Its intensity can be changed according to different exhibition settings.

Architects: SADAR+VUGA – Jurij Sadar, Boštjan Vuga, Jure Hrovat, Jonathan Podboršek, Janko Radojevi?, Milena Zindovi?

Location: Blok 39, Belgrade, Serbia

Source: Open international competition

Client: Ministry of Science and Technological Development – Republic of Serbia

Site area: 116.600 m2

Building area: 6.184 m2

Total floor area: 19.840 m2

Storeys: garage, atrium level, public level, roof

Structure: double curved – folded shell structure

Cladding: white aluminum clad stripes + translucent, transparent and opaque glazing.

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