Construction Client Types

Construction project begins with client idea. Each construction project has different goals and objectives. There are many different types of client in the construction industry. Each type of client has different priorities, needs and expectations of the construction service and will require different approaches. So let’s take a look through four typical clients in the construction business.

Private Client

Private clients are sole traders or domestic clients who would like to have a house building altered, extended or maintained. They enter into private agreements with a builder to undertake the work. The private client may have an architect who has produced the drawings if planning or building regulations require this.


A commercial client is a company, factory or business that needs to undertake building works in order to produce a product or process.

Public limited companies

A public limited company, such as a bank and more. Most construction companies work with the public sector where they get tenders and contracts from the government and Public limited companies.

The Government

The Government can issue work at three different levels: through local councils, State and territory government, and central (Federal) government. Local councils have duties to construct and maintain services. State government can instruct major capital works such as the new public buildings or infrastructure works. Central government departments manage large building projects and infrastructure works.

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