Comparison between stone masonry and brick masonry

Comparison  stone masonry and brick masonry

Construction ofbrick masonry is quick as the uniform size and regular shape of bricksfacilitates in maintaining proper alignment. Whereas, the dressing and handlingof stone need more time and extra labour in the construction of stone masonry.

Stone masonrypossesses higher strength, durability and weather resisting quantities thanbrick masonry

Brick masonryhas cost of construction is less than stone masonry

Stone hashigher crushing strength than brick .this makes stone suitable for theconstruction of dams, piers, docks and other marine structures.

Skilledlabour need to stone masaonry than brick masonry.

 In monumentalbuildings which require heavy molding with large projections and carving, stoneis suitable whereas brick can be used only for light ornamental work of lesserimportance.

Stone masonryis more water-tight than the brick masonry.

Stone masonrygives a massive appearance and hence used for monumental works

Well texturedstone masonry of superior quality needs no treatment to improve its appearance.The apparent defects of brick masonry can be only concealed by plastering.

Generally stonemasonry is not damaged by chemicals present in the environment and saltspresent in water or sewage whereas expected brick masonry reacts and getsdisintegrated.

The use ofstone masonry is only appliance are restricted to handle the stone blocks andbricks can be conveniently moved by manual labour.

The brickmasonry is more fire-resisting than stone masonry.

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