Construction Participants

The participants in the construction process are: the investor, the designer, the contractor, the consultant, the structural engineer, the technical controller and the supplier of plant and equipment.

The agencies supporting the construction industry to following:

  • Construction business promoters like government bodies, public and private enterprises for real estate and industrial development, and other similar agencies.
  • Construction management consultant firms.
  • Architect-engineering Associates.
  • Construction manpower recruitment and training agencies.
  • Construction materials developing, manufacturing, stocking, transportation and trading firms.
  • Construction plant and machinery manufacturing distributing, and repair and maintenance organizations.
  • Banking and finance institutions.
  • Insurance and legal services companies.
  • Construction quality assurance, research and development establishment.
  • Contractors and contracting firms.

construction team4


Generally, the investor is the person, individual or legal entity, that has ownership title, construction right or easement over the land plot on which construction works are to be carried out.


The designer of the construction works can be an individual who has a degree in his area of specialization, as well as designer capacity, or an entity employing such individuals.


The contractor is a registered trader that executes the construction works under a contract with the investor.  The contractor can be local trader registered under the Bulgarian Commercial Act or a foreign trader registered under its national legislation.


The consultant is a trader that has been licensed by the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works for carrying out compliance evaluations of project designs and for exercising independent supervision over construction works.


Designers, consultants, contractors, structural engineers and supervisors are obliged to insure for professional liability for damage caused as a result of unlawful acts or omissions in the course of the fulfillment of their obligations.

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