The building envelope isequivalent to the skin of a building. In essence,a structure must be envelopedfrom top to bottom to prevent intrusion from nature’s elements into interior spacesand to protect the structural components from weathering and deterioration. Envelopescomplete numerous functions in a building’s life cycle,including
? Preventing water infiltration
? Controlling water vapor transmission
? Controlling heat and air flow,into and out of interior spaces
? Providing a shield against ultraviolet rays and excessive sunlight
? Limiting noise infiltration
? Providing structural integrity for the façade components
? Providing necessary aesthetics
? Preventing of mold formation and growth
1. Waterproofing Principles—TheBuilding Envelope
2. Below-Grade Waterproofing
3. Above-Grade Waterproofing
4. Residential Waterproofing
 5. Sealants
6. Expansion Joints
7. Admixtures
8. Remedial Waterproofing
9. Mold
10. The Building Envelope:Putting It All Together
11. Life Cycles: Quality,Maintenance, and Warranties
12. Envelope Testing
13. Leak Investigation andDetection
14. Safety
15. Guide Specifications forWaterproofing
16. Resources

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