Container Guest House by Poteet Architects

Texas-based firm Poteet Architects, a company that strives to continue a sustainable revitalization of downtown San Antonio, developed this Container Guest House using an old blue storage container and some innovative design ideas.

The large 8 by 40-foot interior has been converted from an old steel box into adorable lodging for guests. The modern concept includes floor to ceiling windows in the main room, a full bathroom, bamboo plywood across the floors and walls, and a slew of contemporary furniture and accessories that create an unexpectedly posh living space. To top things off, the rooftop garden and small outdoor patio provide a comfortable, yet quaint, environment to rest and relax.

Excess water from the bathroom and sink is pumped up to refresh the rooftop garden which is not only beautiful but also works together with insulation to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the house. The front patio is made of recycled air conditioner equipment pads to keep the deck cool. The entire structure is a unique and energy-efficient project that maintains the features of the original shipping container. “We didn’t take the container out of the project and try and turn it into something else,” says Poteet.

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Architect: Poteet Architects
Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA
Project Team: Jim Poteet, Brett Freeman, Isadora Sintes, Shane Valentine
Contractor: Poteet Architects
Project Area: 320 sqf
Project Year: 2010
Photographs: Chris Cooper

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