Contract Administration Process

The main processes involved in the implementation of a construction project from stage after development plans have been drawn up and approved, and the necessary fund have been obtained from the Client to ensure completion and settlement of payments for its construction are as follows:

Preparation of project brief

Land acquisition

Site surveying and site and soil investigation

Preparation of preliminary design and site layout plans

Detail architecture and engineering drawing;

Preparation of preliminary estimates

Preparation of the tender documents

Invitation and receipt of tenders

Evaluation and acceptance of tenders

Preparation and signing of contract documents

Supervision and monitoring the progress of work

Extension of time for completion;

Imposition of liquidated and ascertained damages

Determination of employment of contractors; (when necessary)

Completion and handing over of work completed and making good of defects

Nomination of subcontractor and suppliers

Administration of payments

Preparation of valuation of variation works and the final accounts

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