Contractor submitting information for bidding process

Every contractor should be submit following information for bidding process

  1. The contractor’s company name and mailing address, if it is a branch office,  the address of the main office and the phone numbers ande-mail addresses for both offices
  2. The legal structure of the organization: sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, limited  corporation
  3. Length of time in business; if it is a branch office, the length of time the branch has been operational
  4. If the company has conducted business under any other name, the former and the reason for the name change
  5. The name of the senior executive at the main office or branch office, which-ever is applicable
  6. Current backlog: type of project, approximate dollar value, and dates of potential start
  7. Annual revenue for the past three years
  8. Three largest projects completed within the last ?ve years
  9. Names of corporate officers and experience
  10. Number of employees, both office  and site-based
  11. Type of work, if any, performed by employees
  12. Names of the company’s primary bank and the executive in charge of that account
  13. Ability to provide a payment and performance bond and the limits of the company’s bonding capacity
  14. Limits of the company’s general, personal, and property insurance coverage
  15. List of any projects not completed and description of circumstances
  16. Noti?cation of whether the company has been blacklisted from any government bidders lists
  17. Existence of a quality control program, and if so, attach to document
  18. Existence of a safety program, and if so, attach to document
  19. List of reportable accidents within the last year, and a copy of any OSHA violations within that period
  20. Indication of whether the company operates primarily as a union or merit shop or both

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