The Primary Function of Bill of Quantities

Quantity Surveyor is the preparation of bill of quantities.

The primary function of bill of quantities

Bill of quantities need to provide a source of data for quantity surveyors to estimating collect to the data for feedback of information for the contractor.

To serve as a contract document – because this sets a standard of verbal precision and quantitative liability without which none of the other functions would have a satisfactory basis.

To provide a basis for tendering – because most contract are placed as a result or competitive tendering, and a bill common to all tenders ensures comparability of tenders and is more economical of time and effort (both of which, ultimately,have to be paid for by employer).

To provide basis for interim certificate,

Necessary to a basis for valuing variations – these two being direct extensions of the contractual functions of bill of quantities which come into action post contract.

To serve the contractor in the organization of his work.

To facilitate financial control by the employer.

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