Green Cell New Taipei City Museum of Art by Kengo Kuma + Associates

Japanese architect kengo kuma + associates  have designed the ‘green cell’ proposal New Taipei City Museum of Art.  kengo kuma + associates has placed second in the international competition for the new taipei city museum of art for taipei city, taiwan. an undulating double skin generates the iconic form which radiates in a waving manner into the encompassing urbanscape. a main hall connects the museum’s program with a nearby train station, cable car, riverbank trail transforming the site into a dynamic hub. the addition incorporates public amenities such as a park pavilion, retail, and flexible program to contribute to the city’s established context.

the main hall serves as a communications hub, becoming a lively central space for workshops, exhibitions, gathering and events. merging public and private areas creates the desired informal experience with art and artists. the exterior skin touches down to the ground plane generating ‘in-between spaces’ which are
integrated throughout the galleries to moderate the region’s climate. the sprawling canopy plays an important role in the masterplan’s sustainability as the steel mesh of the structural framework is capped with diverse elements including EFTE cushions, LEDs, ventilation louvers, solar panels and green roof.



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