High-Rise Buildings

The most prominent tall buildings are called high-rise buildings.In the last twenty years the development the of  high-rise buildings in the world has been very fast.

The reinforced concrete structure is very popular for high- rise buildings. But in recent years, steel structure has been used more and more, especially in super high-rise buildings.

Two kinds of cladding materials are being used in high-rise buildings. The one is metal curtain-wall and other is masonry wall. The masonry walls, like clay brick and concrete structural bricks, are lower in price and easy in construction. Therefore, they have been used widely, especially in high-rise residential buildings. The metal curtain-wall is usually used for office buildings.

High-rise building is defined as a building 35 meters or greater in height, which is divided at regular intervals into occupiable levels. To be considered a high-rise building a structure must be based on solid ground, and fabricated along its full height through deliberate processes.

High-rise buildings also can be classified into several functional categories based on their use. The high-rise buildings are identify into the following categories.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Mixed
  • Institutional

High-rise buildings are constructed largely because they can create a lot of real estate out of a fairly small piece of land. Because of the availability of global technology and the growing demand for real estate, skyscrapers are seen as the most fitting solution to any city that is spatially challenged and can`t comfortably house its inhabitants. And hence, may be it is rightly said that `When you compare the population in our cities with the amount of land we have, the only way to provide better living conditions is by building higher.

There are thee main forms of  high-rise buildings construction are out line below.
Non- Continuous columns with continuous beams.
Continuous multistory column and beam
Cross-wall construction

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