House LS: Clean-Lined Residence with Swimming Pool

House LS is a project completed by dmvA in Wemmel, Belgium. The project consists of a neat structure with a triangular-shaped roof, a spacious living room opening to the courtyard, a swimming pool and impressive green areas surrounding the dwelling. The outskirts of Brussels (including Wemmel) are well known for their green landscape. The upper class has comfortably installed itself here, building monumental villas and dream homes. House LS is now a remarkable clean-lined edifice but it hasn’t been always like this. In fact, this was one of the challenges the architects had to face: transforming a classical house into a contemporary one – modern, bright and visually appealing – without having to build it from scratch.

“The fact that also the neighbors had to approve the design to get a building license, as prescribed in the building regulations, had a great impact on the design.” The exterior of the house was painted all-white. The existing pool was simply renovated and two additional volumes were added to create a seamless transition between the interior and the exterior, linking the house, the swimming pool and the green courtyard.

House-LS-by-dmvA-1 House-LS-by-dmvA-2 House-LS-by-dmvA-3 House-LS-by-dmvA-4 House-LS-by-dmvA-5 House-LS-by-dmvA-6 House-LS-by-dmvA-7 House-LS-by-dmvA-8 House-LS-by-dmvA-9 House-LS-by-dmvA-10

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