Importance of waterproofing

The waterproofing should be made mandatory for all structures and should not an optional one. The approach to waterproofing problem must be conceptual and the selection of appropriate material and proper diagnosis of the problem and employing the right applicator for executing the job is equally important. 

waterproofing  is as important as any other parameter involved in designing a structure. It is because waterproofing also plays a vital role towards the durability concrete as well as the safety o the structure. Waterproofing can be executed at the
two stages of the construction

1.During construction, the integral waterproofing compound either in powder or liquid form can be
introduced in concrete to improve the waterproofing characters by optimizing the water
cement ratio. This will also helps to an extent to improve the flowability of the concrete.

2.The external surface of the concrete can be treated with appropriate waterproofing coating system to ensure the structure is made absolutely impermeable.

The durability of the concrete not only depends on its strength but also on the permeability of the concrete. Therefore waterproofing of concrete structures assumes greater importance and also it is imperative that the proper waterproofing is done. Actually when water enters the concrete undesirable pollutants like chlorides and sulphates gains entry along with the same resulting in carbonation. The first victim is embedded steel which starts to corrode
which leads to spalling of protective cover. And at this stage if there is no care taken it leads to the failure of the structure itself.Therefore in order to avoid such problems it is advisable to do proper waterproofing treatment. Now with the advent of latest technology polymer based waterproofing coating systems which is easier and effective to achieve waterproofing properties

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