Major Types of Construction Projects

Construction Projects are grouped into four types: Building construction, Infrastructure Construction, Industrial Construction and Special-purpose projects. Construction projects are commissioned either publicly, by a municipal agency for example, or privately by a property owner.

Building Construction

Building Construction is a largest segment of construction. Building can be divided into two categories that are residential building and commercial buildings. Residential housing construction includes single family homes and multi-family dwellings such as duplexes and apartments are included in residential housing construction.

Commercial building construction includes such structures as schools and universities, medical clinics and hospitals, recreational facilities and sports stadiums, retail chain stores and large shopping centers, warehouses and light manufacturing plants, and skyscrapers for offices and hotels.


Infrastructure Construction

Infrastructure Constructions are capital intensive and heavy equipment oriented works which involve movement of large quantity of bulk materials like earth, steel and concrete.

These works include highways, railways and bridges, airports, dams and canals, oil/gas pipelines and transmission lines, large water supply and sewage disposal networks, docks, harbours, nuclear and thermal power plants, and other activities which build up the infrastructure for the growth of the economy. This type of construction typically serves public interest and is undertaken most often by large private corporations and government agencies.

Industrial Construction

These works include construction of manufacturing, processing and industrial plants like oil refineries, steel mills, chemical processing plants and consumer-goods factories. These projects are very complex and specialized. The ultimate owner will need to be very involved in every stage of project development from site selection and design to engineering and construction.

Special-purpose projects

These works include environmental works, emergencies, remedial works, installation and commissioning of equipment, and complex key operations.

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