Minamihara 3645 by Yasui Hideo Atelier

It is a residence the weekend planned by Karuizawa of the leading summer resort even in Japan. The half-a-sum rate was carried out, five architects were nominated as a designer, and the site vied in each individuality.

The noise of Tokyo was escaped and the plan was made as a cottage which is surrounded by the nature of Karuizawa and passes a weekend. Floor planning was made into open floor planning so that all the rooms might be united with nature. The functional yard was attached to each room and ease of use was also made to consider.

The dynamic direction flow roof which makes the mountain of Mt. Yatsugatake arranged so that appearance may surround the ground in Karuizawa consider has been arranged, and unification with nature was measured.

Minamihara plan Minamihara 4 Minamihara 3 Minamihara 2 Minamihara 1


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