Modern building construction

Modern building envelopes do not `breathe` like their counterparts of the past. In the 1940s, it took 30 weeks and 2,400 hours of on-site labour to build a house. The average size for a new home was 800 square feet. Four decades later, construction time dropped to 8 weeks with only 800 on-site hours, while the average size had grown to 1,230 square feet. Not only is the change implied on the time phase but instead has re-shaped the entire building industry. The truth certainly is that new homes are better built, better designed, and use better materials, products and systems than ever before.

Today`s professional builders understand building science and know how to build a home that not only looks good, but is also well constructed and great to live in. Today`s new homes are bright and comfortable all year-round, safe on energy costs and have good indoor air quality and take full advantage of the many advances in building products, materials and systems. And to top it off, a new home is carefully crafted with attention to the details-both what you can see and what you cant. Builders use a variety of efficient construction technologies to achieve unparalleled quality and performance.

Other most important changes that has occurred during the past several decades is that the home building process has been steadily moving away from the building site. At one time, homes were built entirely from scratch, with the builder and the construction team personally fabricating everything on-site.

Today, an entire industry is dedicated to pre-manufacture building components from floor joists and roof trusses to kitchen cabinets and interior trim. The components are made in factories to precise specifications and then shipped to building sites where trained building crews install them. The benefits of using pre-manufactured components are numerous. These materials and products are manufactured under strict quality control and conform to national standards. That means easier installation and fewer rejects.

It also means consistent quality and performance for homeowners. Furthermore, prefabricated components can be brought in as they are needed and installed immediately. This eliminates lengthy on-site storage and potential damage from rain, snow and sun. A well-trained and diverse labor force has further reduced construction time. Today, building is a team effort involving more than 30 trades (or 109 people on average) with specialized expertise. The builder is at the center of the entire process, managing the team and working with customers to ensure quality and satisfaction at every step of the way. Also the construction fraternity has almost broken the shackles of being listed as unskilled class thanks to vocational degrees on construction management. Further Automated tools have also increased efficiency on the construction site.

Now as per the genre of the modern construction the building works are classified in the categories mentioned beneath.

* Low-rise buildings
* High-rise buildings
* Long span buildings

Branningan’s Building Construction for the Fire Service

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