Two 38-storey Buildings Connected by an Amazing Sky Pool

The ‘Sky Habitat’¬†two-tower residential building in Singapore is a new project ¬†designed by Canada-based architect Moshe Safdie.

At 38-stories high, it is able to accommodate 574 apartments, but the most incredible feature of this building is its dramatic sky pool which serves as a bridge between the two towers.

The 38-story sky habitat housing complex is representative of high-density, high-rise upper-middle-income urban housing, a typology that is in great demand in singapore and other asian cities. the prevailing designs for such housing have been towers that share common amenities on the ground level. shared spaces manifest in form of generous community gardens and outdoor spaces on the ground and in the air, as well as individual roof terraces and gardens for more than half of the individual residences.


sky-habitat-two-tower residential building 1

skyhabitat2 sky-habitat-two-tower residential building 3 skyhabitat 4 sky-habitat-two-tower residential building 5 sky-habitat-two-tower residential building 6


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