Norwegian Official Residence, Sri Lanka by Dis. interiørarkitekter

Dis. interiørarkitekter have designed the Norwegian Official Residence in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Description from the designers: In addition to covering various functions of public visits the interior should present and emphasize a Nordic style. We had never worked with an official residence, and the client wanted to use this as an advantage and not put so many constraints so we would be able to see this with new eyes.

The main objective of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in all of its projects is that most of the furniture, lighting and other essential elements shall promote Norwegian design.

The concept was designed around preserving the building’s character and let the furniture and lighting be a contrast to emphasize the two different worlds that come together here.

The colors on the furniture were chosen to emphasize the Scandinavian design and at the same time they were inspired by Sri Lankan traditional clothing and their rich natural landscape. Large rooms with dark wood and hard surfaces became the contrast to colorful furniture with a light and soft look.

Norwegian Official Residence 1

Norwegian Official Residence 4 Norwegian Official Residence-5 Norwegian Official Residence-6 Norwegian Official Residence-7 Norwegian Official Residence 3 Norwegian Official Residence-8 Norwegian Official Residence-9 Norwegian Official Residence 2

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