Object of Foundation

Object of Foundation
As started earlier, the foundation is the device of transmitting the load of the whole structure to the sub-soil beneath it. However the following are the objects of providing foundation.
1. The aim of foundation is to distribute the load of the structure over a large area or to transmit the load to the board base of soil below it.

2. To load the bearing surfaces (that means sub-soil)at a uniform rate that is to distribute the load uniformly.

3. To prevent the lateral escape or movement of the To provide a leveled and from base over which super. Super can be constructed.

4. supporting material. For example If a structure is to be constructed on a sandy soil the supporting material that is the sand will have to tendency to slip now to prevent the movement or slipping of the supporting material. The foundations are constructed.

5. to increase the overall stability of the structure by preventing its

6. tilting or over turning against wind, earthquake and uneven distribution of live load from the above explanation it must be now clear as to by foundation are provided. Now the question arises as to by the foundations are generally carried below the ground level. The reason is quit obvious.

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