Point Piper House by POPOVbass Architects

POPOVbass Architects designed the Point Piper House in Sydney, Australia. Description from the architects: An area where teachers, rectors and managers from the educational sector can get inspired by the latest developmenst in the ICT sector.

Stichting Kennisnet is an expertise centre in the field of ICT in The Netherlands.
Kennisnet offers, as public ict-support organization, every educational institution in the primary- secondary- and vocational education, independent expertise and free services with efficient use of ICT.

Kennisnet rents a number of floors in an office building at the Paletsingel in Zoetermeer. The question was a to present a design proposal for an ICT ‘experience center’ for the third floor, that came to stand empty. Up to now, it was Kennisnet who always went throughout the country to the educational institutions. But with this ‘ICT experience center’ their aim was to create one location, in their head office, where the ‘ambassadors ‘ from different educational levels could come. In this experience center, teachers, rectors and managers can experience the latest innovations in de field of ICT themselves, and talk about the possible uses in the educational sector. An important element in the design question was that the groups, besides the exiting ICT experience, also would get inspired with the layout of the area and the use of (applicable in education) materials.


An area where a group of max. 30 people can simulate a class setting. At least 5 workplaces for smaller groups of max. 6 people. There must be electricity and Internet available and flexible at all the workplaces. A space for storage for chairs etc.

Where there are new developments, other ones are already old, but they will always be a memory.  We gave these ICT-icons a place between the latest ICT-developments that are going to be used there. From the idea how schools en teachers can use rooms better with easy and inventive materials, we created 3 designs for the coverings of walls. These can serve as inspiration or motivation to, possibly with a group, give classrooms more identity and (educational) content. All the different materials and techniques, which are applicable in de education, are there to be seen and felt. Acoustic solutions are for example incorporated in a panel of second-hand keyboard keys, and fluorescent LED lighting are placed parallel to the print-lines on the floor as walking routes throughout the level. Straight couches from soft foam and a enlarged blue internet-plug out of Styrofoam invite You to get started!

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