Preliminary Estimating

Preliminary estimation is done during the initial stage of design development. This is done to provide an indication of the probable cost of a construction project. Preliminary estimation is prepared based on client brief. Detail drawings are not provided in this stage.

Preliminary estimation is a very important stage in the construction process. That is where the cost of building is brought acceptance of client as well as architect. So that the client can get an idea about how the project is going to be and he may be likely committed to future financial commitments.

This is very important not only it fore tells the approximate cost of the project but also, from the client’s point of view, it enables the client to take a firm decision as to start the project depending on the probable cost obtained by the preliminary estimation.

Depends on ease of application, familiarity, speed experience of the the QS/Estimator and availability of data/ information.

Accuracy depends on information available and skill of the estimator – accuracy increase as more information is available as design develops.

Purpose of preliminary estimating

To make the client be aware of his probable financial commitments as early as possible to avoid the waste of expensive resources

Inform design team of cost commitments

To establish budget and to exercise cost control

Contents of Estimate:



Date of estimate

Assumed tender date


Brief details of specification

Expected variation of the estimate from the tende


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