Resources in Construction Projects

Construction projects success not only depends on the quality & quantity of work, but also largely depends on adequate availability and efficient management of resources.

Various types of resources involved in construction industry such as materials, manpower, machines, finance and spaces that are required for each stage of construction. The project manager ability to handle construction resources contributing to project cost success.


Several materials are used in construction the use of some materials depends on project conditions and practices. Materials are the essence in the construction industry which represents a substantial proportion of the total value of the project. Hence, efficient material management is an important criterion for success of any project. A material management system includes the fundamental functions required in any construction project such as identifying, acquiring, storing, distributing and disposing of materials. Regular and adequate supply of the materials is very critical task as late or irregular delivery or wrong types of material delivered during construction affect the utilization of other resources like manpower and machinery. This leads to poor productivity, time delay and cost overrun.

Manpower Resource

Manpower or human resources consists of technical and managerial personal and workforce in project activities. Human resources are essential and important to achieve project completion within estimated time budget. Technical personal are include engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, supervisors, technicians etc. The work force consists of skilled and unskilled workers.


Two Architects – image credit – RDI

Machinery (Plant/Equipment)

Construction equipments are very significant resources which play important role in the execution of high-cost-time bound construction projects. The selection and utilization of equipment in a project must be an integral part of the total plan. The type and number of the equipments required in any project depends on the nature of the project.


Finance is the first resource required for any construction work. Other construction resource depends on the availability of funds. Financial management is essential for smooth cash flow forecasting and assist in planning, making decisions and controlling the activities of project.


For any construction activity to proceed efficiently, it is essential to plan the available space at site for:

Storing materials
Providing yards for bar benders, carpenters, installation of equipment and plant, repair workshops etc.
Site office, labour camps etc.

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