Single-rate approximate estimating

1.Unit of accommodation method
This method is commonly used by national bodies such as the education and
health services at the inception stage of construction.If a client has an amount of
money to spend (a budget) then it would be possible to consider the likely number
of functional units which can be provided.From experience,it might be found
that the cost of providing a study bedroom in student accommodation is £20000.
Using this ?gure an expenditure of £12 million would provide accommodation
for approximately 600 students.On the other hand if the number of units is
known,a budget cost (usually expressed as a cost range) can be calculated.
Providing there are recent comparable data available,the unit method is useful
where a simple and quick cost range is needed in the early stages.It is dif?cult,
however,to adjust the costs for speci?c projects,in different locations,with varying
ground conditions and so on.

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