The contract documents

Thecontract documents in order of importance are follows

Form ofcontract
This is theprincipal document and will often be a printed standard form, such as one ofthe variants of the JCT Form.
TheArticles of Agreement
Total contractsum
Condition ofcontracts
The conditionof contract is represent the legally binding agreement between the parties andcover such important as expected completion date of the work, methods andtiming of payments, access to the works etc.
The specificationmay describe the method of working and quality required in the works, to assistthe contractor in preparing the tender. Specification is used during.
Tendering,to help the estimator to price the work that is required to be carried out
Constructionby the designer in order to determine the requirements of the contract, legallytechnically and financially, and by the building contractor to determine thework to be carried out on site.
Bill of Quantities
When tendering,the bill of quantities is sent out as part of the package of contract documentsfor the contractor to price. The  entersa unit price or rate against each item of work, the quantities are thenmultiplied by the rate and the price for the item of work established all theitem prices are then added up to give the contract price. Provision may be madefor variation and additional work within the bill of quantities by including provisionalsums.
Contract drawings
The drawingsshould be indicate the location, scope and design complexity of the works andshow graphically the full extent of what is required to be constructed.

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