The Crystal by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Copenhagen-based practice schmidt hammer lassen architects has recently completed ‘the crystal’, the newest nykredit headquarters located in copenhagen, denmark. the geometric form’s multifaceted crystalline surface captures and refracts the setting sun and immediate surroundings. transparent and
visually light, the structure is centrally located and freestanding within the complex’s plaza with views of the harbor and existing ‘glass cube’, the company’s primary building. the encompassing reflecting pool mirrors the reflective surfaces and drifting clouds overhead.

a void created by the building’s lifted and inclined lower edge introduces a main entrance which guides visitors underground. a z-shaped floor plan arrangement creates two atria to introduce natural daylight to all workstations. the curtain wall of the rhombic building is supported and mounted upon a structural steel diagrid system. the double skin facade integrates a sun screen to filter and adapt to changing lighting conditions while a silkscreen applied design provides additional protection.


The Crystal by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects source designboom

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