Twin Sails Bridge

UK-based speirs + major have recently completed the lighting design for the ‘twin sails bridge’ in poole, united kingdom completed by london-based wilkinson eyre architects. the horizontal form takes its influence from the sea, horizon and sky.

illuminations line the structural ribs by accentuating the reflections of the water. functional lanterns for the road, cycle paths and pedestrian walkways are integrated into the vehicle galvanized steel barriers and handrails. a wave-form art screen made of stainless steel bars separates the foot traffic from the roadway with a red LED glowing underneath
to allow for way-finding across the span.

when the bridge is open, the diagonal connection at the center of the deck separates to create two triangular sails. during the evening, the gateway generates a dramatic transformation to brighten the area. in an animated sequence the white light of the pedestrian walkway turns to red which begins from the top of the wing descending downward. in this state, the structure heightens the anticipation of entry, creating an event that the community can witness and be a part of. the carbon fiber masts emphases its verticality structure which is capped with a glowing section of frosted acrylic containing an ivory LED.

the harbor master was consulted with regards to the lighting technologies and luminaries to reduce spill and glare. life time and easy maintenance were high priorities for the illumination of the bridge. structural agents were designed for the under deck so it can be rotated and pulled back in their place for up keep. specialized fluorescent lamps for the road ensure no disruption to output to the cold temperature of the winter months. the entire structure is controlled by a time clock and photocell, with a direct link to the mechanical operating system to ensure the evening animation is synchronized with the opening of the bridge.


speirs + major and wilkinson eyre twin sails bridge 1 speirs + major and wilkinson eyre twin sails bridge 2 speirs + major and wilkinson eyre twin sails bridge 3 speirs + major and wilkinson eyre twin sails bridge 5

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