5 Web-Based Project Management Software Tools

There are effective project management software tools you can use to streamline your operations and boost your productivity. If you are a small business, you may want to look for a project management solution that has collaboration features, task management, project scheduling, and document-sharing.

Some quick reminders before you purchase a project management solution.

Look for one that supports a mobile application. Look for a software solution that can support mobile applications if your project team members or leaders who will be using this project management solution would spend a lot of time outside the office. Mobility equals agility, so ensure that when you buy a project management software solution, it can support mobile applications.

Get one that supports social activity streams. Many solutions today incorporate social activity streams into their features, enabling your staff to report on and discuss information on the project or task status.

Check for integration options. There are solutions that can be integrated well with their pre-existing business systems. For instance, integrating the project management software with your company

Check if existing accounting system will allow you to send expense reports and important financial data to make billing, financial management, and project invoicing more fluid.

How secure is the program? Handing over sensitive data to such a project management software tool may be an issue. So when searching for a project management tool, consider its security features.

Here are five top project management solutions and the features they offer in their trial (if available) and paid versions.

Resource Guru

Resource Guru is a web project management app with a good scheduling tool created to keep you and your company on track of your business, meet deadlines, and keep up with the pace of your work. A cloud-based team calendar, this tool helps you remove scheduling problems and promote delegation and appropriation of people, equipment, and resources.


LeanKit is a flexible project management solution that provides a real-time and shared understanding of work activity and status, making the solution perfect for managing both project as well as process work.

The intuitive software gives a single and consolidated view of your work that teams can quickly access and interact with across various locations, devices, and systems using virtual Kanban boards.


Workfront is a cloud-based enterprise work management solution, allowing members across teams to work, collaborate, and report in one place in real time. It intelligently combines social media techniques with traditional project management capabilities to fully engage team members in high priority productive activities, while providing management teams with the information and visibility they need to optimize their resources.


Lessen your workload by managing projects online. ProWorkFlow focuses on visibility and control to help you collaborate seamlessly with your teams. Its features and tools are scalable to match the needs of freelancers, small, medium, and large enterprises.


Communifire streamlines your communication and work processes and integrates them in a social business platform to enhance collaboration and content management in your organization. It is ideal for business of all shapes and sizes that operate in a wide array of content and with various teams to ensure all their work are achieve on time and aligned with company goals.

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