What are consider selection of equipment cost?

Equipment costs rank second to labor costs in term of uncertainty and in their effect on the outcome of anticipated profit for a construction project. Many factors can influence the selection of equipment in the construction project. These factors are considering equipment selection.
Task Consideration
Nature of work  This cost depends on the size of the job, the distance of transportation, and the means of transportation
Daily or hourly forecast of planned production
Distribution of work at site
Quality of work and tome allowed for completion
Interference expected and interdependence with other operation.
 Site condition:-  
Accessibility to location
Maneuverability at site
primary site condition factors are type of material to be handled. Physical constains onsite, and hauling distances.
The type and condition of the soil is important when choosing the most adequate equipment since each piece of equipment has different outputs for different soils. Moreover, one excavation pit could have different soils at different stratums.  Larger volumes of excavation will require larger excavators, or smaller excavators in greater number.
Equipment characteristics
Type of equipment considered suitable for the task.
Make, models and size of special purpose, and general purpose equipment available that can handle the task
Production capability, serviceability condition and delivery time of each equipment available.
Economic considerations
Owning costs.
Operating costs
Re-sale or residual value after use
Replacement costs of existing equipment
Commercial considerations
Buy second – hand or new equipment
Rent equipment
Hire- purchase equipment
Purchase on lease.

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