What are the preliminary items included in BOQ

The preliminaries of a bill of quantities is the section that provides a description of the project, the contractor’s general obligations, general facilities, and setup and running costs.

following preliminary items included in BOQ

  • Project particulars: – Name, nature and location Names and addresses of Employer and Consultants
  • Drawings: – List of drawings that form pan of the Contract.
  • Site and access:- Location of site and access are described with limitation on working times and access.
  • Scope and description of the works:- General description of the works to be undertaken and the total gross floor area provided.
  • Firms employed direct or executed by Statutory Undertakers:- Details of crossovers by local authority and consideration of statutory services on the site.
  • Supervision/Staffing/Site management
  • Temporary telephones
  • Temporary screens
  • Temporary fencing, hoardings, etc.
  • Name board
  • Setting out
  • Form of Contract
  • Conditions of Contract and insurances:- The contract documents to provide a complete list of relevant conditions of contract.
  • Details of the terms of the bond or guarantee shall be set out:- The obtaining of such bond or guarantee and the cost is to be at the expense in all respects of the Contractor. The approved  bond or guarantee shall be presented prior to the first payment under this Contract.
  • Safety, health and welfare:-  The Contractor is to provide suitable safety, health and welfare measures and amenities to comply with all the current Statutory Regulations and the Code of Welfare conditions of the  National Joint Council for the Building Industry.
  • Access and scaffolding:- Access to the works is heavily influenced by the design of the finished project, but the decision  on which method to employ rests almost entirely with the contractor.
  • Safeguarding the works:- The Contractor is to safeguard the works, materials and plant against damage and theft and all watching and lighting for the security of the works and the protection of the public and the Employer.
  • Site accommodation:-The Contractor is to allow for providing and maintaining temporary site accommodation for  Architect and Contractor including removal on completion.
  • Deleterious materials:- The Contractor is not to use or permit to be used any of the described deleterious materials in the execution of the works.
  • Protecting, drying and cleaning the works:- The Contractor is to allow for protecting the works from inclement weather, providing all  temporary screening to openings, providing for all costs in connection with drying and  controlling the humidity of the works, protecting the whole of the works and removing all rubbish.


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