Bar Bending Schedule Excel Sheet

Bar bending schedule or schedule of bars comprises an index of reinforcement bars, over, a specified RCC work item. All are demonstrated in a tabular form for simple visual reference.

Bar bending schedule ooers details of reinforcement cutting and bending length. When bar bending schedule is utilized together with reinforcement detailed drawing, it enhances the quality of construction, cost and time saving for concrete construction operations.

The table sums up all the required particulars of bars – diameter, shape of bending, length of each bent and straight portions, angles of bending, the total length of each bar, and the number of each type of bar.

When Bar bending schedule is accessible, cutting and bending of reinforcement is performed at factory and delivered to site. This makes it possible for quick implementation at site and minimizes construction time and cost because of less necessity of workers for
bar bending.

Bar Bending Schedule Excel Sheet 2

Bar bending also circumvents the wastage of steel reinforcement (5 to 10%) and consequently saves the cost of project significantly.



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