Impressive Tree House Built by Scout Troop

Tree house designer Baumraum has done it again. This time, the architects created a meeting place for a scout group near Wolfsburg, Germany. That doesn’t mean that they built the elevated structure, though. It was actually constructed by the troop of young people on the Almke Campsite and which undoubtedly gave them the opportunity to learn valuable skills.

The scout’s house wraps around a sturdy pine tree and is a place where they can gather, eat, and sleep. It’s comprised of two identical smaller buildings that face one another and are slightly offset by a meter in height. In addition, their roofs are slightly pinched and curved, and the entire thing is supported using wood columns, beams, and diagonal bracing.

In the lower building, there’s enough room for eight people to sleep comfortably, while the upper one is where they dine and meet. It contains cooking equipment, a large table, and even a wood-burning stove for cooler weather. Stairs divide the two structures as a terrace and an entrance-way to either place.


baumraumscout-treehouse2 baumraumscout-treehouse4 baumraumscout-treehouse5 baumraumscout-treehouse6 baumraumscout-treehouse7

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