Tentsile Suspended Tree House

In 2010, tree house architect Alex Shirley-Smith was a man with a vision – he wanted people to experience the magic of hanging out in a tree. So, he designed Tentsile, a portable suspended tree house that you can take anywhere. This innovative product has the comfort and versatility of a hammock with the security and multi-person occupancy of a tent. There’s no need to worry if it’s raining and the ground is wet because you’re sitting above it all. The structure is waterproof, UV resistant, and comes with insect mesh roofs. You’re secured by three anchor points and floor straps that divide the space into individual hammocks.

Tentsile wants to make the world your playground. While you can still pitch it conventionally in dry conditions, it could accompany you on a safari, a mountain, a beach retreat, and more. This means that the sky really is just the limit for any of your outdoor adventures.



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