Istanbul Disaster Prevention + Education Centre

Italian architects renato giuseppe sarno and giacomo penco collaborated with the turkish and italian studios of arup design and engineering consultants to create an entry for the thyssenkrupp elevator istanbul disaster prevention + education center competition. their proposal features a series of separate structural volumes, specifically designed to withstand earthquakes and natural disasters. the system of large cubic forms and small paths between recalls the roman-built city center (fori), connecting the developing site to its historical roots.


a network of paths link the north and south sides. while the north side is permeable and the structures are farther apart to allow for traffic, the south side is more compact to filter noise and pollution coming from the new road. over half the plot is covered in vegetation, giving the center an outdoor exhibition area and space for the visitors to relax.

the lobby consists of a double height volume with a large glass wall. on the ground floor is the reception, bar, children’s section and orientation stage. the top level has a restaurant overlooking the area below. 

down the path, in separate spaces are: the 4D video display room, earthquake simulation section, liquefaction and earthquake mechanism experiment room, the grand hall of the planetarium, rainstorm and flooding simulation section,
fire fighting training room, smoke maze area, first aid training facility, emergency communication experiment space and the training performance evaluation section.

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1

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