Preparation of a Cost Analysis

Preparation of a cost analysis
Theprimary purpose for using cost analysis of construction project provides usefulsource of cost information.  Any form ofcost analysis should be provided in standard way with the following.

Informationon the total project
Summaryof element costs with preliminaries shown separately and also apportioned amongthe elements
Abrief specification in element form
Sketchplans and elevations for the project
Theamplified analysis

Informationof the total project is important as it includes the building type which is necessaryfor future analytical purpose of a similar type of project. In addition, theclient, location, tender date, contract particulars, market conditions,competitive tender list, project details, and brief cost information are providedunder project information section of the cost analysis.

Thefollowing  basic principles  need to be followed in preparing the costanalysis
Thequalitative aspects of the project should be expressed by reference toaccompanying specification notes
Anelement should be of cost significance
Theanalysis should consider the features in different building which have heavybearing on cost.
Anelement should be easily definable and capable of having the appropriate costsallocated against it with a minimum of effort on the part user
Otherinformation relevant to the costs in the analysis should be provided as abackground to these data

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