Shovel loader

These areused primarily to excavate earth and load into hauling units such as trucks ortractor pulled wagons or in conveyer belt etc. Shovels can be used to excavateall type of soils except hard rocks without prior loosening.

The quantityof materials that can be hauled by the loader depends upon its bucket capacity.Loader bucket capacities are specified by the manufacturer either in terms ofheaped capacity or struck capacity. However, planning can be based on the loosesoil struck capacity of the bucket, and the heaped capacity (loose soil) can beconverted into struck capacity (loose soil) as under:
Bucket struckcapacity = bucket heaped capacity X fill-factor

Type ofshovels  
Shovels canbe divided into the following groups:
1. Crawlermounted shovels
2. Tyredmounted shovels
3.Self-propelled shovels
4. Nonself-propelled shovels.

batteries Shovel loader

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