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japanese practice riken yamamoto & field shop has designed ‘breeze’, a cluster of three towers for the R2 block of the emerging yongsan international business district in seoul, korea. three 47-storey tall buildings grow from a hilly landscape that encases the 7-storey podium.

similar to fabric billowing in the wind, the curving facades respond to the geography of the adjacent han river and produce unrestricted vistas of the waterfront. their positioning in relation to each other supports cross views, intake of natural daylight and the effect of wind forces upon the structures.

inset within the artificial topography, footprints emerge from the sloping rooftop park, starting wider and becoming more slender at the 20th floor of the building. officetel and shopping at the base are linked with the elevated green public plaza, forming a secondary ground level for activity. within the interior retail forum, 25 meter high spaces link the city side of the master plan towards the river. lobbies and amenities catering to the residences and the units are positioned within the upper parts of the skyscrapers.

project info:

project: yongsan international business district R2 block
location: seoul, korea
usage: residential, officetel and retail
site area: 14,994sqm
building area: 8,830sqm
B.C.R.: 58.89%
no. of floors: 47F/ 8BF
total height: 188.2m
G.F.A. [above ground]: 94,292sqm
G.F.A. [below ground]: 95,120sqm
total: 189,506sqm
F.A.R.: 599.88%
total number of parking lots: 1,241EA
facility area [residence]: 132,655sqm
facility area [officetel]: 22,649sqm
facility area [retail]: 34,201sqm
facility area [total]: 189,506sqm
structure: RC+SC
MEP system: central-heating / individual cooling system

client: yongsan development co., ltd.
lead architect: riken yamamoto & field shop
local architect: haeahn architecture
structure, MEP and fa├žade engineer: ARUP

breeze01 breeze02 breeze03 breeze05 breeze06 breeze08 breeze13 breeze12 breeze11 breeze10 breeze09

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