Yongsan International Business District – Block H

International architecture firm kohn pedersen fox associates (KPF) designed the Yongsan International Business District – Block H located in seoul, korea. the 167 225 square meter space will be a luxury five-star accommodations with high-end services. the 385-meter-tall-tower sits on a 14 600-square-meter site on the northeastern border of the sector. the hotel is situated to mediate the transition between the 665 meter height of the landmark office tower to the northwest and the lower scale residential blocks beyond.

the shape of the development projects from the center into three distinct wings to provide the apartments and hotel rooms with natural light, dramatic views and privacy. cascading towards the han river, each section asymmetrically projects from the base to orient views of the south. the mid-level faces east to the yongsan park where the high division is directed to the nam-sam historic district and adjacent landmark tower to the north. the design guarantees that the guest rooms have a large corner view from the living space, while maximizing its solitude from the adjacent unit.

The tower contains a casino, retail space, spa, and a base building to accommodate a large banquet hall and other amenities. the programs are treated as one singular form, like an organic crystal, with a language of terraces and set-back platforms that grow upwards and outwards towards the light and panoramas. the establishment and serviced residences are expressed with a different material palette where the solid elements on the facade are articulated as a dynamic pattern on non-repetitious surfaces. the skin transitions from stone slab at the base to a textured metal finish at the top of the building. this is where the organization shifts from hotel to residential, subtly exposing the events of the structure.

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