Road Marking Machinery

Road marking machine is one kind of road construction machinery. It may be used for highway, road axis, lane line, community, airport and etc to mark all sorts of thermoplastic lines that are reflective such as straight line, dotted line, curve, oriented arrow, and letters. Road marking machine plays an important role in city planning and road construction for its advantages of speediness, fastness and accuracy, and shorten the road construction time and reduce the economic input.

Thermoplastic Road Marking Machine 

Thermoplastic road marking machine is the special equipment for road lines construction, used for straight line, dotted line, curve line, guide arrow and characters with reflective effect of expressway and city road. They possess the charactor of low noise, easy to operate, clean and tidy road markings. Markings they paint is abrasion resistance, aging resistance and high temperature resistance.

Two-Component Road Marking Machine 

Two-component road marking machine is a new type road marking machine with good performance and long lifetime, whose available paint is two-component road marking paint. The convenient foot control stop switch, which is able to fix the machine during the transportation and stopping construction in order to protect the machine.

Cold Solvent Road Marking Machine  

This machine adopts hydraulic driving principle, or integration of  mechanical, electric and hydraulic, to control the spraying gun to paint. Its compact structure, steady flow and small dimension are convenient for contruction, and make the construction more efficient.

Road 1000 – Road Marking Machine

ROAD 1000 is a modern equipment for marking of roads, mounted on truck (chassis cabin), with maximum length of 5150 x 2300, gross weight of 10,000 kg. Optionally, this versatile and complete equipment.

Kontur 50 | Road marking machine

It is designed for airless method marking in parking zones and small city’s areas, using the fast-drying traffic paints and retroreflective glass beads.


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