Industrial Building Floor Construction

Generally, concrete slabs are used for industrial constructions. They can be used below a layer of flooring material or are exposed; slabs on grade provide the foundation for all building foundations. Also generally super-flat industrial floors are installed with laser-guided screeds and power trowels. Quality material combined with good design and expert workmanship only yield …

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Type of Structural Loads – Buildings, Bridges and Culverts

Loads are external forces acting on a structure. Stresses are the internal forces that resist the loads. The following are the loads’ forces and stresses to be considered in designing superstructures of building, bridges and culverts. Dead Load Live Loads Wind Loads Snow Loads Earthquake Loads Hydrostatic and soil pressure Impact loads  Dead Loads Dead …

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Shotcrete Construction Technology

Shotcrete is an excellent technology for stabilization and support of structures in a very quick time and for concrete application without using formwork. Shotcrete is also the interacting combination of human, equipment and materials. Shotcrete is a high-performance material which functions only as well as these “three components of success”. Man, personified in the work …

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What is Scaffolding

A scaffold is a temporary frame usually together to provide a means of access to high-level working areas as well as providing a safe platform which to work. The system is raised gradually as the structure is raised level-by-level. The two basic forms of scaffolding, namely the putlog scaffold with its single row of uprights …

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Prime Cost Sum

Prime Cost Sum is a sum provided for work or services to be executed by a Nominated Sub-contractor or for material s or goods to be obtained from a Nominated Supplier. Such sum shall be deemed to be exclusive of any profit or attendance required by the Contractor and provision shall be made for the …

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Industrial Building Systems

Industrial Building Systems are those structures used by anindustry; this can be of any type ranging from salt and sand to those manufacturingof heavy equipment. Generally at leasta part and in most cases the entire area is of one storey height.

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